Thinking about doing an obstacle course race like Super Hero Scramble?

Here’s 17 minutes of footage to help you decide if you have what it takes!

Jason from TheBeSomething YouTube channel submitted some sick footage of his ride through Swinley Forest in Surrey, England.  Now that‘s a GoPro® Idea destination worth putting on the list.

He suggests trying all kinds of angles and mount locations while your riding…watch the video and just imagine yourself on this trail that he says has “some good vibes” going on…then maybe book a flight and bring your stash of GoPro® cams and mounts!

Hey procrastinators…unite tomorrow….or just record yourself barely working–maybe, if you get around to it.

Check out this creative short-film by Tom Austin showing us that there really isn’t anything you can’t find to record on your GoPro®…even your own lack of productivity. (who can’t relate?)

Fly Like an Eagle…

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This goes beyond attaching a GoPro® to your furry pals that splash into rivers. Watch this video to the end, if you ever wondered what it was like to soar on an eagle’s wings! Just too amazing for words.

Special thanks to the Victoire Valmary, of Vagabones Blog for submitting this great idea! Check out her excellent footage of touring Asia for a year with her GoPro® camera.

“In this video the music begins when i take my Iphone and ‘play’ the music”

Bali – Part II, Ubud a GoPro vidéo // from valmary on Vimeo.

Best Spots To Mount Your GoPro® On A Kayak by Kyle Martin

Extreme Kayaking Footage with GoPro® HD – Steep Creek Mountain Run

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Girlpower: Skaters

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Representing Brazil, Leticia Bufoni.
X Games Gold Medal Winner: Girl Power Recorded with A GoPro®!

Front Point Of View of This Roller Coaster at Disney World!

Why Not Document All Those Rollercoaster Rides This Summer?

Watch This And Let Your Stomach Drop.